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A pair of prosthetic horns, a sculptural art piece handcrafted by yeule.

Limited edition of 66 unique pieces.


✧ Functions as an applicable forehead prosthetic part.

✧ V-41 includes vegan hypo-allergenic adhesive, to be applied to the periphery of the base to attach to human skin.

✧ Each pair of horns is unique and hand painted over the 'Misato' horn design. 

✧ Horns are pierced and accented with ball-closure jewellery made of sterling silver. 

✧ V-41 includes premium die-cut yeule stickers [130 x 56 mm].

✧ Logo designs by 𝔢 𝔤

prosthetic v-41 — 美知 [misato]

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  • Prosthetic V-41 is a functional art piece which can also be used as an accesory to enhance your look.

    Apply the adhesive to the latex rim on the base of the prosthetic parts to attach to the human forehead.

    Each piece is upholstered with egyptian cotton to align with the curvature of your skull. Adhesive can also be applied to the cotton.

    It is not advisable to use the item daily, as it is a sculptural piece and may not retain its aestheticised form post-production when used often.

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