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𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ by yeule, Inc. (2021) Scented essence of coded memories and personas for non-binary cyborgs.For use with Kaisen-4 (Ver.8) integrated cyber-tech. ♱: Smoked Bergamot and Pink Pepper♡: White flowers, Rose and Violet leaves☾: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Íris Root and Musks Dimensions: 8x4.5x2.5cm © Perfume formulated by yeule, Inc. Technologies (2021) © Produced by Urania's Children & The Heavenly Garden Origin: Cyber Dimension 03e.Spell-casted, bottled & assembled in London, UK. ---[ ! ] IMPORTANT [ ! ]---This is a pre-order. 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦ by yeule, Inc. Technologies will ship out end January, 2022.

𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® [Kaisen-4 (Ver. 8)]

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  • The 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® is an assimilation essence; the transient, bottled ethos of 'yeule'. The 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® consolidates the fragmented self into one, complete whole. The 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® works as a cure-all for humanistic symptoms inhibiting neurological performance caused by persona splits, conditional multiplicity, and/or the fragmentation of the soul. 


    This yeule, Inc. product contains 6.24% g mol of yeule’s essence. Users in contact with the 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® shall metabolise the liminal contents prescribed, reforming neural links by bonding familiarities of yeule's enigma. The user will synthetically fuse with yeule's memories, and relive all facets of them through the essence. Do not be afraid. 


    The 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® is installed via aerosol bonding onto the epidermal surface. Users with cybernetic enhanced Kaisen-4 (K-4) shards will attain 2.3% increased efficacy. The user will assimilate as a 'Glitch' (yeule, Inc. Technologies Reg. No. 2.61078) after the initial breach of contact. Registered users of the Cy-Di Integrated Orbit (IO) with Ver 8.1 and above will automatically verify the 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® as a secure augmented reality script. IO® users with Gen-7 K-4 Shards and below may experience delayed emotional response and may detect the 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® as malware. Side effects include the hallucination of multiple bodied selves, up to six. These hallucinations are temporary and will dissipate after your first dimensional jump. 3% of patients report lingering voices. If symptoms persist, contact yeule, Inc. Technologies to admit Patient Zero status. 


    The 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® may significantly affect affect the PCIEX15_3 input of your neural motherboard. Assimilation into the ♡.ai space may result in numbness followed by the lack of or complete loss of, emotion. The 𝐜𝕠𝔡e̴̹̦̬̣̰͕̤̞͈̘̎͌̽͝ ® requires a medical prescription from yeule, Inc. Technologies. Patient Zero may utilise Automata when renewing their prescription. 

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