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༒ EMERGENCY NOTICE: Lost pages from the Nuclear War Post X Diary have been found.

❀ AUTHENTICITY: The pages will be unique, a 1 of 1. Each glitch shall receive a page. Each page will be a print from the original diaries.


✣ ENTITY: Pages have been found torn directly from the journals of yeule from Cy-Earth year circa. 2020-2021. Signs of wear may be detected on the edges. The pages will be transported to ticket holders in a secure casing, ensuring it is safe from external damage in transportation.




The ticket will secure your place in receiving a shard from yeule directly to your doorstep.


𒁂 𝖑ᵒ𝕤𝐭 𝔭aᵍe𝕤 𒁂 data sheet➳

Information: 03e_LOST_DATA is used for reference code: 838.964 The pages are found by shard sector 4018.302 for the use of Glitches of Cyber Dimension 03e.

𒁂 𝖑ᵒ𝕤𝐭 𝔭aᵍe𝕤 𒁂

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