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artist: @yeule label: @ninjatune

story: @yeule director: @zhang_knight


ep: @darapen producer: @lexi.kiddo 

production manager: @samuel.jfm production assistant: @malmalade

production company: @academyfilms director’s rep: @mouthpiece_rep


honey: @yeule cinnamon: @garethchow


1st ad: @oginelli dop: @rwdfilm 

focus-puller: @kate__mo__ 2nd ac: Sonia Rodriguez-Serrano 

grip: Ed Livesey


gaffer: @runlight_film electrician: @haydencfjonesLewis Taylor, Henry Young


pd: @lizelkadhi assistant art director: Jackson Pritchard

art rpt assist: Dan Margerison art dpt assist: Walid Azam


hmu sfx: @natashalawes

hmu sfx assist: Sophia Gia Moore & @avagilliesmakeup

costume ‘Cinammon’: @taffwilliamson

yeule stylist: yeule & @iammattking

styling assist: @fraserkenneth


yeule hair: @yeule & @manwigs

yeule makeup: @yeule

weapons: @aio0o0o0 

bones: @_.iiimiii._


edit: @the_assembly_rooms

editors: @__jackwilliams_ & @andre_with_an_accent edit assist: @tamara_ishida

edit producer: Troy Smith


post: @1920.vfx vfx supervisor: Ryan Hadfield 

2d compositor: Alejandro Marzo post producer: Heather Brown


colour grade: @no8colour colourist: @alexgregorycolour colour producer: @charlesedmorris

set runner: @viran_burrun


bts photographer: @izzie_booked_no bts videographer: @talia_beale


bunny handlers: Hannah Chipper & Rosa Overton


camera equipment: @mcx_films & @eastlondonstudios

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